International Human Rights Organisation 18.10

The purpose of the Human Rights Observatory 18.10 is to denounce and disseminate internationally the violations of human rights and crimes against humanity perpetrated by the States of the peoples of South America, with the ultimate aim of achieving justice, truth and reparation. The Observatory also aims to organise and provide support from abroad to organisations of human rights defenders working in these countries.

We are a non-partisan, non-confessional and non-profit organisation inspired by the conviction that any individual or collective has the right to take action to help stop human rights violations, acts of social injustice and/or wars, even when their governments do not consent.

Our team is conformed by professionals from different disciplines and based in Europe, Latin America and the USA. Our specialisation is focused on research and the preparation of technical reports and educational materials.

Our work is based on the principles of non-interference in the internal affairs of the organisations we accompany.