Public statement on the situation of the Mapuche people in Chile

International Human Rights Organization 18.10 expresses its concern about the political and social situation affecting the Mapuche people.
The serious and systematic violations of human rights, which involve violation of the right to demonstrate, arbitrary arrests, violation of the right not to be subjected to torture or physical violence of any kind, violation of the right to be tried by an impartial court, violence against Mapuche women and children, have been perpetrated since the time of the dictatorship.

The Mapuche community has been fighting for years for the respect of their right to remain on their ancestral lands, which have been unjustly usurped with the complicity of the Chilean State for the benefit of private individuals and multinationals.

The Chilean authorities, in particular the courts of justice, are completely unaware of ILO Convention 169, which was ratified in 2008 and came into force in 2009. Courts, judges, and the Public Ministry do not apply these regulations, and the same thing happens in the Executive and Legislative Branches, so it is the State that is not responding to the rights that should be guaranteed to indigenous peoples and, especially, to spiritual authorities.

As an organization that defends human rights, we believe that it is imminent that the international community will speak out against such injustices and challenge the government of Sebastián Piñera.

The Chilean State must respect the rights of the original peoples and the international covenants.